01 July 2008

Methane-Rich Biogas from Agricultural Livestock

Original title: Sizing-Up Anaerobic Digestion

By Bryan Sims / Photos By Jim Manganella

Environmental Power Corp. aims to become a premier player in the biomass industry by developing large-scale anaerobic digestion systems. Biomass Magazine talks with company officials about their thriving business model and how it could become the standard for others who want to convert waste into energy.

When Richard Kessel became the chief executive officer for the Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Environmental Power Corp. in July 2006, he was armed with more than 30 years experience in the energy field and the wherewithal to mold companies into formidable players in the renewable energy industry.

EPC, and its single subsidiary Microgy Inc., is rapidly expanding its renewable energy portfolio by developing, owning and operating large-scale anaerobic digestion facilities that produce methane-rich biogas from agricultural livestock and organic wastes. EPC’s ability to design anaerobic digestion systems and to provide ongoing operational maintenance on a large scale sets it apart from the small-scale, farmer-owned anaerobic digestion model, according to Kessel. “What really makes us unique is the size of our projects,” he says. “We’re really looking to sell—in the wholesale market—a natural gas product and that’s what really differentiates us.”

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