16 June 2008

UK Carbon Reduction Commitment Lacks Ambition to Meet the Challenge

The United Kingdom as part of the European Union has agreed to the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

This is a huge reduction on current damaging CO2 emissions, and even worse when you consider that without action CO2 emissions are actually set to rise by over 10% by 2030, above 2010 levels.

If the goal is to be achieved there is a need for anaerobic digestion and biogas to be developed as part of the solution and for strong government leadership now, especially to ensure that the soon to be released UK Climate Change Bill includes the policies needed.

Are the necessary incentives going to be there?

Will the commitment be strong enough to meet the challenge?

Read more about this, click on the title now to find out more, and you can also join the UK Friends of Biogas.

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