14 January 2015

Renewable Natural Gas Has 88% Lower Emissions Than Diesel US Gov Says

Anaerobic Digestion News: Renewable Natural GasTo Be a Major Contributor to ...: Natural gas offers huge opportunities for reducing the use of petroleum in transportation. One highly sustainable source of natural gas is ...

Can it really be true? An 88% reduction in GHG emissions! If it is, why isn't it a fact on everyone's lips in the biogas industry? Surely, everyone that calls themselves "green" should be shouting about this from the rooftops! Your feedback is appreciated.

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31 December 2014

Anaerobic Digestion News: 2014: A Great Year for Anaerobic Digestion and Bio...

Anaerobic Digestion News: 2014: A Great Year for Anaerobic Digestion and Bio...: 2014 will probably be seen in years to come as a turning point in the development of the anaerobic digestion and biogas energy industry in the U.S...

CLICK on the highlighted text above. Check out this article to decide whether you agree that the "Back to the Future" prediction will now become a reality in the U.S. through a comprehensive adoption of anaerobic digestion and biogas plants for processing organic waste materials?

11 December 2014

Anaerobic Digestion News: Why Better Digestate Enhancement and Treatment is ...

Anaerobic Digestion News: Why Better Digestate Enhancement and Treatment is ...:

Digestate Enhancement is Important! The operating capacity of biogas plants in the UK is rising faster all the time. The technology has...

05 October 2014

Is it Just NIMBY Syndrome for UK Anaerobic Digestion?

NIMBY Syndrome
New anaerobic digestion plant projects are being put forward for planning permission in increasing numbers in the UK, but many are facing heavy local opposition.

In fact it isn't unreasonable to label many of these planning applications as a public relations disaster. 

1000 sign petition against Whitchurch anaerobic digester - shropshirestar.com
"1000 sign petition against Whitchurch anaerobic digester. Shropshirestar.com - One of the group's campaigners Sue Whitson said:
Justified objections? What do you think?

02 October 2014

Why The West Must Do More Than The Undeveloped Nations To Combat Climate Change

Here is a quotation from Maurice Strong which made us want to apply the point he makes in his quotation below when he refers to "our impact" being that of the industrialized nations.

"...our impact on the condition of the environment,
is 40 to 50 times larger than that of people
in the developing world"

 - Maurice Strong

Don't We have a duty to lead the globe in such technologies as biogas production, we thought?

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03 September 2014

20 August 2014

Low Temperature Anaerobic Digester to Reduce Effluent Disposal Costs - N...

After 15 years of research this company has produced a breakthrough by achieving an anaerobic digestion process which does not need heat, so it will work cost effectively in temperate climates.

This process has many advantages to operators of factories/ industries which produce a lot of waste water effluent. See how by watching the video below.

Also see review article at:

NVP Energy Lt-AD sustainable green energy from Anaerobic Digestion here.

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