24 January 2016

Anaerobic Digestion News: Quadruple Growth Predicted in Biomethane and BtG I...

The idea that the number of biomethane plants in the UK and Europe could quadruple by 2021 might seem to be remarkably optimistic, but it is a figure supported by the UK's top Anaerobic Digestion and Bioenergy industry association.

It is a target which it will be important to meet, in the overall effort to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions targets agreed in the Paris Climate Change Summit, and energy from the anaerobic digestion process across all types of biogas plants, from:
  • farm digesters, 
  • to sewage works sludge AD plants, 
  • and Food Waste biogas plants operated by the Solid Waste (Household and Industrial Waste) Management Industry;
will become the largest single renewable energy supplier.

This energy will be a 24/7 supply, unlike all the other renewable energy sources, other than hydro-power, which are intermittent supplies.

Visit: Anaerobic Digestion News: Quadruple Growth Predicted in Biomethane and BtG I for more information to support this amazing growth prediction, now!

07 December 2015

South Korean Anaerobic Digestion Plant Started is Second by Weltec Biopower

Welted Biopower has issued a Press Release announcing their second biogas plant has been started in South Korea.

In these days, there has actually been enhanced focus on global warming and now the exhaustion of sources recently caused by the hefty consumption of fossil sources, in South Korea. 

In order to solve these troubles, biomass is significantly gaining international interest as a renewable energy resource. 

Biogas stemmed from different biomass is ecologically friendly and a renewable (climate change friendly) fuel for power heating, generation, and now also as a automobile fuel source. 

Huge quantities of sewage sludge, and food waste, as well as manure are created from human activity, however these organic wastes contain high degrees of organic matter. Hence, they are prospective substrates for generating methane of biogas. 

Biogas contains 60 % of high heat output methane, which is anticipated to be used wisely as energy. 

In the article (see link below), we look into the condition of biogas in Korea as an alternative energy.

Read about Anaerobic Digestion in Korea here.

Anaerobic Digestion News: Anaerobic Digestion Creates Heat but is UK Industr...

Anaerobic Digestion News: Anaerobic Digestion Creates Heat but is UK Industry Overheating?

The anaerobic digestion process creates heat, and this is especially useful when it is used on the site of the digestion plant or is piped to a local factory or home, to provide heat to run the factory or warm a house, but it the industry growing too fast for the UK government to like it?

Read our article, click on the title above, now!

29 November 2015

The First Flat-Pack Self-Assembly Small Biogas Plant!

It was only a matter of time before someone hit upon the idea of crowdfunding to finance the development of an anaerobic digestion plant design, and now it is happening!

Yes. This biogas unit is delivered as a self-assembly kit. It takes no more than about 2 hours to assemble, and contains a flexible membrane biogas reactor tank, plastic gas holder, feed mixer unit, and a simple gas-pressurization arrangement.

The biogas goes through a simple filter before it leaves the unit, and the fertilizer is sterilized as it leaves the unit, by using a simple chlorine tablet.

The designer seems to have thought of everything, although in cold countries we did not see any heating system to keep the reactor warm enough to produce a good biogas yield in winter in temperate climates.

Our first opinion is that this new home biogas plant is a big advance on previous small domestic anaerobic digestion plant designs. find out more at: Anaerobic Digestion News: The Latest Development in Home Sized Anaerobic Dig...

14 November 2015

Anaerobic Digestion News: Anaerobic Digestion Companies Grow From Hundreds t...

Anaerobic Digestion News: Anaerobic Digestion Companies Grow From Hundreds t...: Anaerobic digestion companies are a major growth sector within the global marketplace.

Key Types of Anaerobic Digestion Companies

There are now a number of various sorts of anaerobic digestion companies. There are anaerobic food  waste digestion expert companies which will engineer, create, and then construct a complete and fully working AD Plant (DBC Contractors). A few of those specialists will go further compared to that even operating their AD Plants in addition as DBOOT Contractors (Design, Build, Own, Operate, Transfer).

There are also specialist service providers, calling themselves AD Companies, which design and construct just part of a biogas plant, such as the warmth exchangers, and/or CHP tools.

Within the industry of Design as well as Build Contractors in the industrialized nations these businesses are normally, as a general rule, expert firms in one, or more of the following anaerobic digestion plant customer areas: Read the full article here.

07 November 2015

CHP Matters to Think About When Designing a CHP Scheme

Anaerobic Digestion News: CHP and 3 Important Considerations When Designing ...: An Introduction to CHP Add caption Combined heat and power ( CHP ) systems, are also known as cogeneration systems, and they greatly...

Ask yourself whether your business premises, industrial or organisational facility have a large heat and power load demand? Is there a Biogas Plant near you? If so, it’s worth exploring working with the Biogas Plant owner any possibilities for a Combined Heat & Power system. What is more you could be eligible for a grant , soft loan or green power price incentive to offset the cost of investing in this etchnology to make use of this energy-efficient and renewable green energy technology.

01 November 2015

Boom in Anaerobic Digestion Scotland as Food Waste Falls

New figures were published last week by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association which show that Scotland's anaerobic digestion industry has grown by more than two thirds over the past year. Yes! The Scottish anaerobic digestion industry has grow by nearly seventy per cent in a year.

That is an amazing statistic and is probably a reason for the UK Goverment to have decided that maybe this industry no longer needs any taxpayer renewable energy subsidies.

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Waste Management World Anaerobic...
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