02 December 2007

The UK Government's Comprehensive Spending Review October 2007 - Resourcing, CHP and Biofuels

Things are looking up for Anaerobic Digestion Projects.

To gain an extra £2bn in Private Finance Initiative credits between now and 2011 to help fund new facilities is good for the sector, and this was promised in the UK waste management review in May. This is good going by any estimation. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority was handed more money, and the development of renewable energy technologies was backed to the tune of £370M during the three years between 2008/9 and 2010/11, as covered by the latest CSR.

Read more about the good news for technologies such as Anaerobic Digestion.

But, it is not all roses! British construction's heavy workload and lack of resources are likely to combine and push tender prices up at a pace that the public purse will be unable to keep up with.

Read more at the
Anaerobic Digestion community web site here.

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