29 September 2007

CAMBI UK Thermal Hydrolysis Plant Project Underway

The Nowegian Anaerobic Digestion specialist Anaerobic Digestion technology provider has started their new UK Anaerobic Digestion plant project as below:-

On 15 June 2007 Black & Veatch (then Gleeson Ltd.) issued a binding letter of intent (LOI) to Cambi AS for a 4-reactor Thermal Hydrolysis plant for the pre-treatment of sludge prior to anaerobic digestion for a sludge treatment centre located at the Whitlingham Wastewater Treatment Works, Norwich.

The LOI will allow Cambi to start the project prior to final contract signature, expected in August 2007. The project has a delivery period of 12 months from start to completion. The contract is part of a contract for sludge treatment upgrade between B&V and Anglian Water.

Whitlingham WWTW is one of 4 sludge treatment centres to be set up/upgraded in the next 5-year plan of Anglian Water, starting 2006. The project will treat 17,000 tonnes DS. Total for Anglian's 5-year plan is to treat sludge from 6 million p.e., approx. 100,000 tonnes TDS.



xiexie said...

Does someone has the information on Cambi's performance? i.e., What is the increment in VS destruction? What is the energy balance? What is the likely capital cost?

alanmf said...

You can find information at www.cambi.com

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