06 August 2007

Is My Waste Suitable for Anaerobic Digestion?

Is My Waste Suitable for Anaerobic Digestion? - is one of three new pages I have uploaded today to the Anaerobic Digestion Community web site.

While doing some general research on AD systems on the web today I came across a presentation produced by the leading AD authority Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Stegmann, Dipl.-Ing., from Germany which is almost certainly (with apologies to the Swiss, the Austrians, and certain Scandinavian countries!) the leading nation for implementation of large scale anaerobic digestion technology.

I thought that our readers may also find the free downloadable version of this presentation useful, which originates from the TUHH, Department of Waste Management 'Workshop in Anaerobic Digestion and Production of Biogas', Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Stegmann, Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Bade, Chimatra Workshop 2005.

So, I have created three new pages based upon slides in the presentation and these are now available for you to see, on the http://www.anaerobic-digestion.com web site.

On each page I have added commentaries on one the slides, which I hope will be useful. The first article page discusses; 'Is My Waste Suitable for Anaerobic Digestion?'. Click on the title block above this post to visit that page.

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