09 July 2017

Börger Bioselect Separator Gives Biogas Plant Operators Better Digestate Dewatering

The Börger Bioselect Separator provides efficient separation technology. Using a purely mechanical process, liquid parts are separated from solid parts in the medium (such as digestate or liquid manure).

Make no mistake about it, this device may look simple, requiring no more than a power supply, electric motor, and a specially designed rotary lobe/ screw pump system with a screen/ filter, but it does a very difficult job remarkably well.

Borger BioSelect Separator Separates Digestate Solids from the Liquid from Steve Last on Vimeo.

The installation options of the Börger Bioselect are as versatile as their requirements. Whether attached to a simple wall bracket, installed on a movable frame with an upstream macerator or as a mobile version with a conveyor belt – the application options of the Bioselect are unique.

Visit: http://blog.anaerobic-digestion.com/the-borger-bioselect-separator/ for more info.

Digestion produces two main products: digestate and biogas. Sell both and income rises and so does sustainability as well!

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