02 July 2016

UK Anaerobic Digestion Fails to Die After Subsidy Reductions!

Despite countless predictions of doom 6 months back, the UK anaerobic digestion market seems to be enduring and also the "webosphere", (at least that's what the BBC's Andrew Neil amusingly calls it), is still bubbling with the information. There have actually been may news articles within the last month (June 2016) showing not only existing UK biogas plants what are being bought into use for the first time, but also new biogas plants which have just been built, starting up.

Although the UK industry could soon be ruined by the investor unpredictabilities which have been caused in the last week by the UK's EU "Brexit" vote, the withdrawal of UK government aid financing in a variety of subsidies over the last year or so, the indication of all this is that it may be something that the industry can overcome.

If it can do this without losing the expanding biogas expertise, and manufacturing capability so progressively developed over the last 10 years or so, it will certainly be a major success.

That would then, provide a much needed basis for exporting UK biogas skills worldwide to make the UK a more truly international exporter instead of relying on the UK and European markets.

The push towards different food waste collection is one source of development in which there needs to be a lot more advancement.

Even that seems to be possible during severe austerity cut-backs, because neighborhood authority waste supervisors were being motivated by biogas plant business Biogen last month at waste industry events, to take a look at the lower food waste disposal charges that a number of food waste plants are no offering local authorities. These lower prices have actually become possible due to new biogas plants that have been brought on-stream particularly throughout the midlands, in the last few years.

With even more food waste plants available, formerly "prohibitively high" food garbage disposal fees have been going down certainly in the midlands as well. The number of facilities offered will certainly currently indicate that the transportation distance prices will end up now being a lot more sensible for new neighborhood authority food waste collection schemes in England.

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