07 December 2015

South Korean Anaerobic Digestion Plant Started is Second by Weltec Biopower

Welted Biopower has issued a Press Release announcing their second biogas plant has been started in South Korea.

In these days, there has actually been enhanced focus on global warming and now the exhaustion of sources recently caused by the hefty consumption of fossil sources, in South Korea. 

In order to solve these troubles, biomass is significantly gaining international interest as a renewable energy resource. 

Biogas stemmed from different biomass is ecologically friendly and a renewable (climate change friendly) fuel for power heating, generation, and now also as a automobile fuel source. 

Huge quantities of sewage sludge, and food waste, as well as manure are created from human activity, however these organic wastes contain high degrees of organic matter. Hence, they are prospective substrates for generating methane of biogas. 

Biogas contains 60 % of high heat output methane, which is anticipated to be used wisely as energy. 

In the article (see link below), we look into the condition of biogas in Korea as an alternative energy.

Read about Anaerobic Digestion in Korea here.

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