29 November 2015

The First Flat-Pack Self-Assembly Small Biogas Plant!

It was only a matter of time before someone hit upon the idea of crowdfunding to finance the development of an anaerobic digestion plant design, and now it is happening!

Yes. This biogas unit is delivered as a self-assembly kit. It takes no more than about 2 hours to assemble, and contains a flexible membrane biogas reactor tank, plastic gas holder, feed mixer unit, and a simple gas-pressurization arrangement.

The biogas goes through a simple filter before it leaves the unit, and the fertilizer is sterilized as it leaves the unit, by using a simple chlorine tablet.

The designer seems to have thought of everything, although in cold countries we did not see any heating system to keep the reactor warm enough to produce a good biogas yield in winter in temperate climates.

Our first opinion is that this new home biogas plant is a big advance on previous small domestic anaerobic digestion plant designs. find out more at: Anaerobic Digestion News: The Latest Development in Home Sized Anaerobic Dig...

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