21 June 2011

Gas Data Clicks Ahead with Anaerobic Digester Gas Analysis and Control

Gas Data has announced that it has developed a simple but highly effective self-maintenance Click System to give users greater flexibility over traditional fixed-unit gas analyser systems.

Designed to significantly reduce downtime and costly annual service  visits, Click allows basic operational maintenance to be conveniently carried out by any qualified electrician.

They point out that a typical Click system installation contains all the necessary component parts such as gas analysers, pumps, filters and switching valves that have a working or calibration life, and would possibly need to be changed during traditional service visits. Individual Click modules can easily be removed for maintenance. Valve and pump modules are supplied with status indicator lights and manual over-ride switches for ease of  commissioning and fault finding.

Alongside this new system Gas Data\'s new innovative BOS Biogas oil system has been developed; treating only the vital 5% of gas which enters the crankcase it they say that it combats the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulphide in biogas. They inform us that recently an independent 3,000 hour trial showed cost savings of 39% on engine oil consumption and downtime.

In partnership to these systems the GFM400 series of portable gas analysers provide support and are vital in assisting with the fixed systems, all of which are MCERT approved. The GFM416 is currently unique among portable gas analysers as it is the only MCERT approved Biogas analyser on the market.

Read more about the Gas Data Click System here.

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