06 February 2011

Updated Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources with New Sections Added

This highly informative and authoritative volume, provides a practical introduction to biogas plant design and operation, the author covers both the biological and technical aspects of biogas generation by anaerobic digestion.

The full range of biogas substrates and processing methods are explained, from agricultural and industrial waste to marine algae and sediment. On-site use of biogas for conversion into electricity, fuel and heat is also discussed, as are safety and regulatory issues.

The authors have used dozens of real-life examples of European biogas plants already in operation to illustrate the contents, and there are also many schemes, diagrams and summary tables to aid presentation of this high value information

For this new edition, the authors have included the recent advances in the processing of biomass that now allow a greater range of substrates to be used.

They have also extended the biogas analytics sections, and included sections on the quality control required for feeding biogas into natural gas networks.

There is also a completely new chapter on the microbiology of biogas-producing bacterial communities.

Essential reading for all those about to make an investment in anaerobic digestion plants.

Price: $155.00

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