29 October 2010

Government to encourage anaerobic digestion projects - Guttridge

The government has pledged to encourage farmers to invest in anaerobic digestion projects, it has been revealed.

Junior DEFRA minister Lord Henley said he was in talks with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to help improve Feed-in Tariff rates which are rewarded to those who set up renewable energy programmes.

Speaking at the Northern Farming Conference today (October 15th), he said: "We want to do what we can. That obviously will in due course with DECC mean looking at feed-in tariffs and a whole range of other things.

"We have given a commitment that we will encourage anaerobic digestion."

Lord Henley also claimed the technology can offer farmers a wide range of benefits other than energy production.

In addition to reducing the a

mount of waste which is sent to the landfill, the bi-product of the anaerobic digestion process can be used as a fertiliser for crops.

Typical Guttridge equipment used in the anaerobic digestion industry includes; elevatorsbucket elevatorsvalves

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