24 October 2007

CAMBI Technology Increasingly Used for Waste Water Sludge Treatment

It has been established that advanced digestion technology, as exemplified by the Cotton Valley Sludge Treatment Centre (STC) project in Milton Keynes, can both enhance biogas production and increase digester loading.

The Cambi process is being used in 19 projects so far around the world, treating sludge from 8M people.

Two Cambi sites the project team visited were already operating at the high digester loading than the mark II Cotton Valley project required: Dublin Corporation's Ringsend wastewater treatment works (WwTW) and Thames Water's Chertsey WwTW are also operational examples. A

WS, through its international company Celtic Anglian Water, is the operator of the Ringsend plant.

"Cambi UK now operates the THP plant at Chertsey as part of an incentivised contract for Thames Water.

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