26 September 2007

A Historical Perspective: Have Things Changed?

Have things really changed that much from the article below, from the sentiments expressed by those who installed agricultural AD Plants, more than 10 years ago?

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Here is the article from May 1995:

Anaerobic Digester Survey of California Dairy Producers

D. Morse 1, J. C. Guthrie 1, and R. Mutters 2
1 Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis 95616-8521
2 University of California Cooperative Extension, 2279 Del Oro Avenue, Suite B, Oroville 95965

We conducted a survey to identify for the US Environmental Protection Agency examples of and reasons for the failure of many previously installed methane recovery systems. Six dairy producers participated in this survey.

Installation costs of systems ranged from $100,000 to $950,000. Three producers have continued their dairy operations but no longer use methane recovery technology. Two producers were favorable to the technology but no longer operate a dairy.

Of those surveyed, only one producer continues to use methane recovery technology. Identified problems associated with unsuccessful operations included poor design, collection of manure in a wet form, and incomplete cooperation from electric companies.

Producers found that the technology required intense management and was economically risky. Increased cooperation between electric companies and small producers of electricity and greater prices paid for electricity might provide positive economic incentives that would encourage methane recovery and electricity generation.

One producer indicated that the benefits from anaerobic digester technology to be emphasized to potential users were income from sales of final solids and that nutrient value of both solid and liquid effluent streams as fertilizer sources.

Is this how it is now, or have the recent recent developments made a difference? Will the encouragement by improved ROCs payments in May's White Paper for the UK, make the difference? Why not give us your thoughts! If you give us your views and agreement to publish, suitable material can also be featured here in our future postings, and on our web site.

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