02 March 2013

Poplars Biogas Plant Odour Complaints Persist

There seem to be problems from odours at the Poplars Anaerobic Digestion Plant. According to the Council's website the measures now being taken should remove the problem by the end of this month:

Cannock Chase Council has received a number of complaints from local residents between January and August 2012 concerning odours from the Anaerobic Digestion Plant (AD).
Planning permission for the AD Plant was granted to Biffa in November 2009, with a Permit being granted by the Environment Agency in December 2010. Construction of the AD Plant was completed in May 2011 and the process commenced operation in June 2011.
These complaints were referred to the Environment Agency for investigation, as they are the Regulatory Authority for the AD Plant and other waste disposal activities on the Poplars site. This was explained to complainants and contact details for the Environment Agency were given for any future complaints.

AD Plants can produce odours, but with good management these should be contained within the plant's buildings. For the full article click here.

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