14 October 2012

Paterson Supports Anaerobic Digestion and Shale Gas

At this Blog we see this is excellent news for the Anaerobic Digestion community, especially after recent views expressed here on this blog that the coalition government was lacking in resolve to fund the great opportunities available to the nation from a further funding push from the government, which would seem to be largely what is needed for the numbers of AD Plants to increase rapidly.

To read the full story on the new Environment Secretary's speech we recommend that you follow the following link:
Paterson pledges support for AD sector
"Environment Secretary Owen Paterson today pledged his support for the anaerobic digestion industry in his first major speech since joining the government front bench. Addressing delegates at an environmental panel session at the Conservative Party ...letsrecycle.com"
Others have also been commenting on the Paterson speech and recent UK government moves in renewable energy as follows:
"Paterson warns of 'unintended consequences' of renewable energy. 9 October 2012 | By Alistair Driver. DEFRA Secretary Owen Paterson has warned of the 'unintended consequences' of some forms of renewable energy, including anaerobic digestion."
No doubt there are political dangers in unintended consequences of AD technology, but surely the same can be said about all forms of government subsidy?
Now read this which includes comments about Paterson being keen on Shale Gas. Wow! What reaction that will cause!

Paterson goes for gas: from anaerobic digestion and shale

"Environment secretary Owen Paterson has called the concept of anaerobic digestion "tremendous" and suggested a different approach to subsidies for energy technologies in a speech yesterday in Birmingham. "We have a huge amount of food waste that ...Energy and Environmental Management (EAEM) Magazine"
We also recently wrote on shale gas (as in syngas from underground coal combustion) in our article at: http://gasification4energy.com/Gasification-and-Pyrolysis-Articles/Underground-Coal-Gasification-Recent-Developments-and-Fears.php

Our view: The waste and renewable energy sector is in a better position to expand and generate real wealth creating private sector jobs nowadays (using recently developed waste recycling and renewable energy technologies), than just about any other industry. At the same time the sector can reduce primary raw materials demand, and make our energy supplies more secure. Don't let this opportunity be wasted.

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