06 May 2011

How to Secure Long Term Contracts to Recycle Food Waste and be Profitable - San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

How to Secure Long Term Contracts to Recycle Food

Robin Sweere, Operation and Sourcing Manager at Quest Recycling, presented to a large crowd of food recycling operators, renewable energy scholars and EPA representatives how Quest Recycling successfully manages food waste recycling for its customers across all 50 states.


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"Quest Recycling is at the forefront of a new industry that allows customers to now view traditional waste as a resource", Robin said. "Today, organics materials (your produce, bakery, deli and dairy products) can effectively be recycled into nutrient rich composts or animal feed faster and cheaper than ever."

Robin explained why anaerobic digestion is of highest use. "Anaerobic digesters present low liability to the generator, they accept stream with meat, dairy and post-consumer by products, and generate renewable energy credits." "In addition, anaerobic digesters offer increased feedstock, a possible alternative source of revenue and increased gas production."

"You have to consider the pros and cons of long term contracts, both from the hauler and the digester's perspectives. For the Digester, a long term agreement will help secure financing, will facilitate the recipe quality insurance process and will ease the traffic patterns. However, you could miss on additional revenue should the market value increase and you will have to go through a lengthier contract process."

Quest Recycling understands well the needs of both the digesters and the haulers. Quest Recycling designs contract with balance clauses to help haulers and digesters achieve the highest yield.

About Quest Recycling LLC

Quest Recycling Services, www.questrecycling.com, is one of the nation's fastest growing full service recycling companies. Quest Recycling, which is based out of Frisco, Texas manages the recycling effort of over 7,500 locations nationwide.

Quest's customers span from automotive to industrial, fleet, municipalities, hospitality and foodservice industries. Quest also partners with www.earth911.com, providing consumers with information about recycling and local community resources.

Quest's provides nation-wide, one-stop recycling solutions for all waste streams to both companies and communities.

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