02 April 2011

Anaerobic digestion biomethane must be integrated into UK National Grid

Guttridge  Feed Source - Biomethane produced during the anaerobic digestion process should be integrated into the National Grid energy supply, according to an industry expert.

This would encourage the best use of biogas for meeting the UK's renewable energy targets, notes the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) chairman, Lord Rupert Redesdale.

Welcoming the Department of Energy and Climate Change Renewable Heat Incentive, he indicated that it is a "huge vote of confidence" for the industry.

He noted: "The decision underlines ministers' commitment to AD [anaerobic digestion], and has obviously involved a lot of complex work from civil servants to bring it to fruition."

However, he urged the government to consider increasing energy from waste through anaerobic digestion, which was promised following the formation of the coalition.

ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton added that upgrading biogas to biomethane for grid injection is the "best way to maximise the contribution of the AD industry to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and addressing energy security issues".

Typical Guttridge equipment used in the anaerobic digestion industry includes; Conveyors etc

by James Smith

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