21 March 2011

Waste Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion Proposals in Devon - Waste Management World

10 March 2011

Proposals have been submitted to Devon county council for the construction of an advanced anaerobic digestion facility.

AAD (South West) Ltd - a partnership between UK based engineering company AeroThermal Group Ltd, and 4Recycling Ltd - is proposing the development of a sustainable waste and resource treatment facility at the site of Imerys Minerals Ltd's clay refinery plant at Lee Moor, South Devon.


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According to AAD, the site proposed is suitable as it already has existing plant and infrastructure that, with modifications, can be converted into an advanced anaerobic digestion facility.

A scoping report has been submitted to Devon County Council, that will provide its scoping opinion on the proposal at a later date.

The Scoping Report is one of the earliest stages of the planning process and nothing will be constructed until the proposal has passed through the full planning process and all surveys have been carried out.

AAD says that its proposal will provide an innovative and modern alternative solution to treat waste which would otherwise be sent tol andfill through the use of the AeroThermal Group Ltd's combination of industrial autoclave processing and anaerobic digestion technology, and 4Recycling Ltd's experience of running operational facilities.

AeroThermal Group Ltd is proposing to construct an advanced anaerobic digestion facility, which incorporates autoclave and anaerobic digestion.

According to the company the plant will separate out materials for recycling, generate energy, and produce a soil conditioner. The compost-like material produced by the process will be used at the nearby Imerys Minerals Ltd Lee Moor China Clay workings as part of their ongoing restoration programme.

Commenting on the proposal, the AeroThermal Groups Ltd's Commercial Director, Tristan Lloyd-Baker, said: "Our ?9 million investment will create 22 long-term, skilled jobs for local people. In addition the facility will divert up to 75,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year thereby avoiding harmful methane emissions and providing a facility to enable local businesses to maximise landfill diversion."

AAD says that it will be carrying out a public consultation prior to submitting a planning application, in line with national and local best practice guidelines.

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