15 March 2011

BTEC Webinar to Tackle Biomass Air Emissions, Boiler MACT, and Control Technologies

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council   |   2011-03-11 09:37:00.0 March 11 - Washington, D.C Engage three diverse perspectives on biomass air quality issues that impact your organization, business, or community. Register now and attend, "Biomass Air Quality: Measuring, Controlling, and Regulating Emissions," a free webinar on Thursday, March 17 at 2PM ET, by the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC).

Across the nation, citizens and businesses alike have been asking and responding to complex questions on emissions from biomass energy applications: what is the carbon profile of biomass; how clean is biomass combustion; and, how will biomass be regulated? Gain insight into these questions and more during this free webinar.

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Event Description

This free webinar will address issues concerning emissions from biomass thermal conversion technologies. Topics include:

A review of the Environmental Protection Agency's new Boiler MACT rules    Comparing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants from different biomass end uses  New studies and tools for calculating biomass emissions  Exploring pollution control technologies for biomass thermal technologies  Question & Answer session with the speakers.  Read more >> 
Jim Eddinger, Energy Strategies Group, Environmental Protection Agency   Carrie Lee, Staff Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute    John Hinckley, Principle Consultant, Resource Systems Group   Moderator - Joseph Seymour, BTEC Program Coordinator for Policy and Government Affairs.  Read more >> Registration and More Information
Advance registration is required, click here to sign-up>>  This webinar is free of charge You only need a computer, internet access, and at least one hour of your time Time and Date: Thursday, March 17 at 2PM ET      All registrants will have access to a live recording and copy of the presentation after the webinar.  For additional questions on this event, please contact: Joseph Seymour
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