18 March 2011

Anaerobic Digestion Facility Given Green Light in Warwickshire - Waste Management World

04 March 2011

Anaerobic Digestions (AD) specialist, BiogenGreenfinch has secured planning consent for the construction of an AD facility at Merevale & Blyth Estate in Warwickshire.

The 45,000 tonne per annum capacity plant will be built, owned, and operated by BiogenGreenfinch and will treat food waste collected from households, food manufacturers and food retailers in the region.

According to the company, the electricity produced by the Merevale plant will be enough to meet the annual demand of up to 2000 average homes - equivalent to the combined households of Baxterley and Atherstone in Warwickshire.

The food waste will be processed by means of anaerobic digestion in order to generate renewable electricity for the grid and a valuable biofertiliser for use on the surrounding Estate and other farmland.

Richard Barker, CEO explained that the Merevale site is a ideal for an AD plant - centrally located with excellent transport links to nearby large population centres.

This is a definite "win-win-win" project - we are diverting food waste from landfill, we are generating renewable electricity for the national grid and also delivering a fantastic biofertiliser for crops on the land around the plant. We look forward to working with local food waste producers in the coming months and years to make this plant a success"

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