11 September 2008

Bioresources to Land: Managing Nutrients to Complete the Cycle

We thought that readers of this blog, especially those that are farmers and several of whom have approached us already at the anaerobic digestion uk web site with concerns to know how adopting Anaerobic Digestion might change plant nutrients in the receiving soils, would be likely to be interested in this conference. I am also informed that Defra also has research in progress on this subject.

To others who might wonder why this subject is of such interest to those operating or planning to operate bio-digesters, the concern to be addressed is that by using AD the farm might be losing soil nutrient quality somehow. It is clearly of great importance that the soils scientists can confirm that there are no unanticipated negative effects of interceding any new biological process into farming which if found later might jeopardise the continued use of the AD, or any other composting process.

Date and Venue: 15th October 2008, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London

This intensive one-day conference, organised on behalf of the Sustainable Organic Resources Partnership, has been designed to provide a forum and opportunity to consider and discuss the significant technical and regulatory developments that have occurred recently concerning the management and recycling of nutrients applied to agricultural land in bioresources. Expert speakers have been invited to talk on the key areas and developments affecting the recycling of nutrients to land in bioresources. These cover policy and strategic issues, the agronomic properties of bioresources and their management as effective fertiliser replacements.

Please find attached the full programme and booking form for the above conference. You can also register online at http://www.aqua-enviro.net/calendar_detail.asp?id=120

Speakers Include:

· Jiggy Lloyd, Associate, Green Alliance

· Peter Dampney, ADAS

· Michael Payne, adviser to the NFU

· Prof Brian Chambers, Senior Principal Scientist, ADAS & Dr David Chadwick, Principal Researcher, IGER

· Dr Stephen R Smith, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

· Bryan Lewens, Andigestion Ltd

· Dr Neil McIntyre, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

· Dr Paul Withers, ADAS

· Diane Mitchell, Chief Environment Adviser, NFU

· Professor Keith Goulding, Head of Department of Soil Science, Rothamsted Research

· Dr Fiona Nicholson, ADAS


· Chris Ryder, Head of Water Quality Division, Defra

· Andrew Clark, Head Policy Services, NFU

Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you are interested in sponsoring this event and/or if you would like to book an exhibition space please contact Rachel on Tel. 01924 257891 or email rachelwilliamson[at]aquaenviro.co.uk.

Note: While we have suggested that this conference may provide information on a subject it is the responsibility of our readers to verify such, and only to book after having satisfied themselves of the content by reference to the organisers information. All information is provided without accepting any liability whatsoever.

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