19 May 2008

FEY Announces Grants Available for Anaerobic Digestion

For this post we are indebted to FEY's postings on our Forum at http://www.forum.anaerobic-digestion.com . We recommend tha you bookmark our forum and watch out for further valuable information on grants and other AD subjects.

Future Energy Yorkshire offers loans (up to £200k) and revenue share investments (up to £500K) for grid connected Anaerobic Digestion plants in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

More information is available here:

In addition, in their "decision tree" FEY have endeavoured to pull together all possible sources of funding that someone wanting to undertake a renewable energy project could need.

The Funding Decision Tree allows users to search this information and identify the right source/s of funding for your new and renewable energy project, whether it be technology research, development, demonstration or deployment.

If you think that your AD project entitels you to funding then don't delay as you don't have long to get your application in, because Round 2 of their Grid Connected Renewables funding is now OPEN to applications.

An application for funding is made by submitting an Expression of Interest form followed by a full application form.

The Expression of Interest form must be received by the 30th June 2008 at 5pm.

The full application form must be received by the 31st July 2008 at 5 pm.

If you are not planning a project in Yorkshire there is also the WRAP web site which provides information at:


Again funding is available with applications needed to an end of June deadline for:

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Organics Capital Grant Programme VI which is now open and can provide financial assistance of up to 30% towards the capital costs of plant, equipment and infrastructure for food waste processing capacity compliant with the Animal By-Products Regulations in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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