10 March 2008

Goodtech MRAB Completes Biogas Projects in Finland and Sweden

In recent press releases Goodtech MRAB has reported the following recent biogas projects since the Autumn of last year, showing the sophistication currently being applied to Anaerobic digestion in Finland:-

Rebuilding of digestion chamber in Västervik

In November 2007 Goodtech MRAB obtained a turn-key contract for rebuilding of the digestion chamber at Lucerna waste water treatment plant in Västervik, Sweden.

The project will provide for more effective biogas production with Goodtechs heat exchange technology. The customer is the city of Västervik. The contract value is 7 MSEK and the plant will be completed in 2008.

Pre-treatment Plant Inauguration

A new pre-treatment plant for organic waste in Torsvik, Jönköping, Sweden was inaugurated the 25 sept 2007.

The plant has a high capacity and is reliable in operation and can receive both firm and floating organic waste.

The special feature of this plant is that the organic waste is fine grinded down to particle size 0,1-0,3 mm. It gives a larger contact surface and therefore a higher gas exchange at the digestion process.

Goodtech MRAB has delivered, installed and started up the mechanical equipment for receiving, disjointing, out-sorting unwanted material, hygienization and intermediate storing of the organic waste.

The plant gives a biomass that is transported to Simsholmens waste water treatment plant for digestion and biogas production.

The Customer is the City of Jönköping, and the plant is licenced for 30,000 tonne/year.

Example of possible raw material:

- foodstuffs from household, large kitchen and restaurants
- organic waste from provision merchant´s
- slaughterhouse waste
- packed waste from provision industry
- fat separator sludge
- milk, whey and cheese
- fish screenings
- potato leftover

More at www.goodtech.fi

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