07 July 2007

US Farmers Look at Anaerobic Digesters as an Odor Solution

According to the Maryland Energy Administration many farmers are looking at anaerobic digesters as a solution to their odor problem.

Many of the odors associated with manure are intermediate compounds of the anaerobic process breaking down organics. An anaerobic digester confines odorous intermediate compounds to fermentation tanks and then breaks them down to less offensive ones. Digesters convert these offensive odors into methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are colorless and odorless. Animal manure is also a source of pathogenic organisms (E.coli, & Salmonella). Digesters have the potential to run at high temperatures, thus making them effective hygienization vehicles.

Anaerobic digesters convert organic matter into three usable products: biogas, fiber (used as a nutrient rich soil conditioner), and liquor (used as a slow release liquid fertilizer).

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