19 July 2007

Combined Anaerobic Digestion/In Vessel Composting Plant Announced for Northamptonshire

A newly established organics company has announced this week that it will be opening a composting facility in Northamptonshire next April which will combine anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting.

The Bio Group, which formed this May as a joint venture between in-vessel specialists Cambridge Recycling Services (CRS), composting machinery providers Global Recycling Solutions as well as green waste and wood processors Material Change; has begun construction for a 30,000 tonne per annum facility in the village of Helmdon in the south of the county. (see letsrecycle.com story)

The "hybrid" system: Steve Sharratt, chief executive of the Bio Group, explained that having both technologies in one facility will allow the company to simultaneously treat source segregated food waste in the IVC and food waste in paper, cardboard or plastic packaging in the AD.

The building to be converted to the Waste Reception Building AD Process Building with the area for the IVC tunnels on the left.

The system will also mean that the solid digestate - one of the end products of the AD process which needs treating before it can be safely spread onto land- can be treated onsite in the IVC, then composted in windrows.

The Bio Group revealed it has "agreements in place to ensure the compost produced by both processes will be used to improve local farmland" and that it is looking at how the site can achieve the quality standard, PAS100 for the compost.

As for the energy produced by the AD process, Bio Group has confirmed that it will be used to power the site and that the surplus will be fed into the national grid. See more at Let's Recycle.

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