22 January 2007

UK Supermarkets Green Policy Update

Canadian Blogger Devon Rowcliffe has provided a set of links - blog no longer available - to UK Supmarkets which describe forthcoming green policies.

While commenting on the extent to which the Canadians are behind the UK on this, he also highlights the effort MS plans to put into AD:

All stores, warehouses and offices are to be powered with “green energy”, including “anaerobic digestion” or converting M&S’s own waste into fuel from compost.

Sir Terry Leahy answered your questions
Sainsbury’s in green packing push

Did anyone watch the BBC 4 TV on Saturday 20 January with 3 hours of climate change programming, including BBC wildlife footage on the coral reefs, in the amazon jungle etc?

It was salutory viewing, and if the Canadians get to see programmes like this I'm sure that they too will become more keen to take action on the likes of anaerobic digestion projects.

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