09 January 2007

Anaerobic Digestion is Now Economically Viable in Europe and Can Provide Much Needed Security of Energy Supply

Anaerobic Digestion is both a waste treatment technology and a highly sustainable energy technology. Recent rises in energy costs, coupled with EU member state incentives, and waste management policy, now mean that economic viability has been attained.

This article explains how this technology can also provide a politically secure energy supply, and argues that there should be more fiscal assistance to promote Anaerobic Digestion.

This article is available in full at the Anaerobic Digestion Community Web Site.

The above article was posted in mid-December and has been well received.

Given that even just six years back wind power was probably where Anaerbic Digestion is now as far as popularity and technology development, is concerned, those with vision will see this and move ahead with Anaerobic Digestion Technology development.

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